About The Dental Marketer

Don’t you wish you can just focus on improving people’s smile?


Don’t you wish you didn’t have to deal with “low production” and “how are we going to get more new patients next month” or even “holy crap, collection this month is so low and new patient flow is horrible, what do I do to make more money to at least cover my overhead, where do I start?!”



You may be telling yourself “I’m not suppose to be dealing with marketing and trying to convince people to come to my office, and negotiate with every patient on treatment…. I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS!


Well, I am here to tell you I completely understand. I do.


You became a dentist mainly because you wanted to help people. You wanted to help the world by improving lives! I can see that and I want to make sure people see that in you.


I am here to give you tips, strategies, campaigns, marketing tools, trends, life saving information, and more on how to market and build your practice successfully so that you do not have to worry about this anymore!


I am here to remind you every day that you’re the superman in this world… and I am here to make sure you get your REAL job done……. making the world smile beautifully.



But before I do all this let me tell you just a little bit about myself:



I am always learning and I would love to share everything I learn about the marketing and dental field and just how we can build your practice to be exactly how you envisioned it.



I’ve worked with several dentists, dental groups, dental consultants, and agencies. I absolutely love educating anyone who is interested on how to market your dental practice. Every single day I am working, marketing, and learning. I am constantly building different strategies, unique campaigns, creating new patient flow pipelines, networking, digital marketing, and simply ground marketing and closing deals for dentists, every single day, and I LOVE IT!



I started dealing with dentists not too long ago but I have been marketing for years now. I mainly always used the tactics in “guerrilla marketing”, going business to business and networking everywhere. I still do that and I still love it too. However, I have learned that digital/ online and mobile marketing is nothing to sleep on and can be advantageous (if not more) for your dental practice.



And no I don’t mean just getting your website noticed on Google for a month and that’s it!



I mean actually creating conversions through your website and creating a major impact in your local area/ community by studying your websites analytics, social media marketing channels, and optimizing every online platform that you, as a dentist, have or will have.



I also went to school for digital/ online marketing.



I started off just bringing in new patients to dentists; creating great relationships with major companies so I could attend any private health benefits meetings, events, lunch & learns, set up booths in companies stores, etc. This is how I would always get my foot in the door and market to the company’s employees which always led to numerous new loyal patients!



 I continue to always challenge myself by only targeting certain insurance patients and demographics, like only bringing in new PPO patients, or bringing in new cash patients only, or only people who want Invisalign done, and so forth.



I went from bringing in a couple patients daily …to over booking the doctor's schedule, three months in advance, with quality patients!



I am here to share with you so you can finally STOP worrying about "keeping the schedule full and productive".


So please take all this information on the website, podcast and blogs and apply it. Because honestly, I am doing all this because I sincerely want to see you succeed in every way possible.


Warmest regards,

Michael Arias