92: Interested in Instagram? Here’s what to post, how to post, when to post, how to find new patients, and more!

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Hey TDM Fam! SO in this episode I am using a different format, so let me know how you like it! It is shorter (as you can see) but it’s me mainly extracting the meat and potatoes of the interview. I had the privilege of having the brilliant Sue B Zimmerman on the podcast. She is not in the dental field BUT she is in the Social Media field. She has spoken at tons of conventions and expos on social media, specifically…. Instagram. 


Sue is a leader in her industry and has mastered Instagram and all it’s components. I like this episode because Sue not only tells us what to post, how to post, when, and what not to do… but we also get the perspective of someone who is not in the dental field. You know who else isn’t in the dental field… your new potential patients! SO listen up and hear what she would like to see more of and definitely less of!


Also, let me know on Instagram or in the iTunes reviews how you liked this new format and if you like this interview. If you enjoy it then I can definitely interview more leaders in their industry who are not so much in the dental field but more in their own field. You can extract their knowledge and valuable information and apply it to your business/ dental practice! Or we can talk about how a dentist can apply it in their dental practice as well.




Sue B Zimmerman’s Website

Sue B Zimmerman’s Instagram

Sue B Zimmerman’s Youtube 

Sue B Zimmerman’s Linkedin 






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