91: How Dr. Kenny Wilstead is bringing in 140 new patients per month and skyrocketed his collections.

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You are now tuning into one of the best podcast out there! The Dental Marketer Podcast! Thank you so much for listening to episode 91! In this episode I interview our amazing guest: Dr. Kenny Wilstead. Now, Dr. Wilstead has a remarkable story that he shares with us. He didn’t just graduate from dental school, worked, and started his practice…. nope, he basically graduated, became partner, and then … basically hit rock bottom! But how?! (you may be asking) well listen up because he tells us how disaster struck really early in his career. But also take note of how he handled it.


We also talk about how he was able to be seen… basically all over the world! I mean if the people on the moon have a TV then they probably heard of Dr. Wilstead as well. I will link just 2 of his viral videos. He has mastered the way in knowing how to make your dental work go viral… and guess what… he tells us exactly how to do it!


We also go into a deeper discussion of what his favorite dental instrument is, what he hates about dentistry, what he loves about dentistry, how to handle a bad reputation and create a good reputation, and so much more! 


So sit back, grab your coffee, and listen up to episode 91!




Marshall Family Dental

Video of Dr. Kenny Wilstead on Inside Edition (VIRAL VIDEO)

Video of a dad getting much needed dental care (VIRAL VIDEO)






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