An Insanely Simple Way of Getting New Dental Patients by Ground Marketing to Gyms

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It’s a new year, and it’s a great time to try ground marketing. And where else would we go in a fantastic new year, but to the gym!  Everyone’s there. If you work out all year long, you know that the gym is absolutely packed with people trying to improve themselves. 


So, what do you do with this huge inflow of people, besides get annoyed that you can’t get on a treadmill? You get new patients by doing some guerrilla-style marketing!



Find Gyms in Your Neighborhood


Don’t pick one that’s too far. Otherwise, you’ll get people who won’t want to make the drive.  The best facilities are the ones that are closest to your office, and preferably on the same street or corner.


When I go to the gym, I’m always looking for services in the area I can use too. Why? Because it’s convenient. The gym is kind of like an errand–something you have to do in town. When you’re out running an errand, you’re looking for ways to maximize your time in that area.


Things like grocery shopping before and after a workout, pumping gas, picking up laundry, and you guessed it…. going to the dentist. 


Popular gyms will have tons of people flowing in and out. They are usually well-staffed and have a lot to offer members. These are exactly the kind of people we want to have as our ideal clients… the ones who’ll stop at nothing to take care of themselves.



Call the Gym Manager


The next step is to call the gym or stop by. Most gym managers are easy-going, but it will help to show them that you’re in the same business. Now, I know you think I’m crazy, but yes! You both cater to people’s health! Show them that you genuinely care about people’s health, and you’ll win them over because that’s why they’re there too. 


Ask them what their busiest day of the week is, and tell them you’ll be giving away free dental goodies. Gyms love to give away free stuff to their members because it makes them look good and it gets people excited. 


You’ve seen it, right? Free protein bar samples, free new snack sample, free drink. Well, give them your coolest stuff. Even a toothbrush will work, because who doesn’t need a new one, right?


You get the idea. Let the gym manager know you’ll be by on the most popular day for four hours, and voila…you have an appointment to score tons of brand new patients!




Set Up a Booth at the Gym


Have an employee of yours go to the gym well in advance of the appointment time so they can set up an attractive table, along with the goodies. The manager will probably have already thought about where you could set up, but the best place would be where there are lots of people. Right next to the front door is the best option with gyms because you can catch people when they’re coming and going.



What Do You Do When You’re There?


Have free goodie bags ready, along with dental items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. And don’t forget to include a super-fantastic deal on a dental service! A free dental exam is ideal, because they can get a feel for your service, and you can tell them about all the reasons they need to come back to see you again.


Which of your employees should go and do your ground marketing? Give them the one who smiles and greets clients the most—usually the front desk person. This person is also typically familiar with your dental services and insurance, so they’ll be able to answer any questions that arise. Plus, they know how to flash a great smile and make people feel good. 





Letting people see that your employees are real people will make them feel more comfy. Remember, people do business with people they know, like, and trust. So, it’s up to you to make all of this happen as fast as you can. 


What do you do when you’re there? Take names, phone numbers, and emails, and then watch your new patient list explode!



Why Does This Work?


People in the community choose to spend their time and money with people they know. By going and joining them at the gym, you become a memorable aspect of their lives and not just a random office on the corner.


Always remember that most people are blind to dental offices. To us, they’re our entire livelihood. But to other people, dental offices are practically invisible. So, it’s up to you to come out of the woodwork so they can see you!


I’ve seen this method work time and time again, and it’s the surefire way to capture new clients for your dental practice.


So, let’s bring in the new year with fantastic clients who want to look and feel healthier. The time is now!


What are you doing in your community to get new patients?


Do you need help finding these gyms or getting permission to set-up? 


Do you want to create a deeper rapport with local businesses? Do you want to attend & participate in tons of community events? It’s time you became a brand authority in your community (the dentist you MUST see). 


I got your back!


I offer ground marketing services and I can personally train your employees to do it too, so you can bring new patients in through the door. 


Contact me on The Dental Marketer. I’d love to start helping you get the new patients you need for a successful 2018!

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