Monday Morning Marketing -sixteen- 12/19/2017

December 19, 2017 MMM No comments exist

Hey TDM family! Thank you so much for tuning into another episode where you preeeettty much just hear me talking. Monday Morning Marketing episodes are just that… me answering your questions in more depth and updating the family (you’re the family)! In this episode I answer some Facebook questions I received from our Facebook Group: The Making of a Dental Start – Up (by the way you if you are not a member of this group, become one! Just let me know you heard me on the podcast and I’ll grant you your wildest dreams… just kidding I’ll just grant you access).


I answer Ground Marketing questions in this episodes like, where can you find a good ground marketer, how to incorporate social media with your ground marketing, how to get into senior homes and day cares, and I answer much more questions!


So tune in and don’t forget to continue to ask questions… continue to be curious! 



If you want your question answered on Monday Morning Marketing:


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The Making of a Dental Start-Up Facebook Group


Are you part of The Ground Marketing Community: No?… why?!? I only give you amazing tactics on Ground Marketing that you can implement in your dental office!
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