84: How to get the qualified patients you actually want! with Julia Yelevich

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Thank you for tuning into episode 84 of The Dental Marketer Podcast. In this episode we get straight down to business… seriously! I had the privilege of interviewing an amazing leader, Julia Yelevich. Now, when it comes to the clinical side, Julia is informed and very knowledgable… but when it comes to the business side of dentistry, Julia is a master! Not only does she know how to market and attract patients to your office but she knows how to speak to the patients, what to offer them, how to screen for the right patients, and of course how to grow your practice!


We talk about the importance of the end game, which is providing exceptional care to your patients and community BUT also making sure you create a profit. We also discuss what Julia’s years in working for Wall Street has taught her that she utilizes today and shares with all of us, and we talk about how she is growing the practice she is working in and how we can utilize her tactics as well.


I am so excited for you to hear this episode with Julia Yelevich, please feel free to reach out to her in the links below!


Watch a WHITEBOARD VIDEO CLIP of this episode here!

This is a new segment where we take a piece of wisdom from our guest and draw it out… on a whiteboard!




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Natural Dentistry Center Website

Julia Yelevich’s Linkedin





INSTAGRAM (you can talk to me more 1 on 1 here)


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