Monday Morning Marketing -thirteen- 11/20/17

November 20, 2017 MMM No comments exist

Hey FAMILIA! I hope you are having a great start to the week and had a great weekend? What did you do this weekend?.. I took care of my niece sooo lots of Disney movies were watched over the weekend! Anyways, in this episode I answer a question that I got asked over the weekend at least more than 5 times…. which is….. WHAT IS GROUND MARKETING?!


Well I answer it in this episode e BUT I not only answer it I also give you a strategy on how you can start attracting new potential patients to your practice through your community’s apartment complexes! You may want to have a paper and pencil handy while listening to this episode because …. yeah… I give you a pretty good way to get your foot in the door. OR you can just listen to the episode over and over into you memorize what to say. ANYWAYS! Remember to keep those questions coming AND leave me a voicemail question/ comment!

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