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Hey family !…Shout out to everyone reading the show notes! If this is your first time reading them… then…all your wildest dreams will come true…. ok maybe just one or two of them will come true! Welcome to episode 19! This is episode we talk about Ashley’s dental practice and what trouble’s she is having with her building, we discuss everything that happened when Ashley went to mastermind and hang out with T-Bone, The Millenial Dentist, and Dr. Erin Elliott (Erin you need some sort of super-hero name), and we of course give some of you shout-outs and answer your questions that you leave us! Tune in and listen and let us know if you are reading the show notes for extra brownie points (:




This week we wanted to share with you: T-Bone’s Podcast


Seriously, a really great podcast! I just listened to the latest episodes for the first time and …. yeah.. really great topics, guest, and information… that’s why I want to share it with all of you (:


3 Main Ideas


  1. Expect the unexpected even after you have finished building your practice and think the construction process went well.


  1. The importance of really mastering your craft and getting knowledge.


  1. Learning what to give to local business in your community and how to give it to them if you are on a tight budget (Ground Marketing)





I’ll just leave this right here… LocalMed!

(click the image below to get Local Med in your office!!!!!)



The MOO Business Cards




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