#83: What’s the most important thing to know when owning a dental office? with Dr. Andy Tran & Linda Phan

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Thank you for listening to us in your car, while cleaning your house, cleaning your dental office, in school (year, some people listen to us at school), at the gym (year, at the gym too while they are getting their workout on!), and anywhere else you listen to The Dental Marketer Podcast! You are tuning into episode 83! In this episode we speak with the funny and wonderful couple: Dr. Andy Tran & Linda Phan. Andy and Linda are looking to build their own dental office soon but along the road they have encountered many mistakes that have turned into lessons. Andy is the clinical side and Linda is the business side, so it’s a match made in heaven!


In this episode we touch on a lot of topics such as, why people pleasing can do you more harm than good, how to be picky with your patients, realizing that dentistry isn’t all clinical… especially if you own a dental practice, what to do with bad reviews, and knowing and understanding your strengths and accepting your weaknesses.


Tune in and listen to their journey of how they both came to meet each other, what they are both doing in their profession, careers, and lives, and where they plan to go next!


Watch a WHITEBOARD of this episode here!

This is a new segment where we take a piece of wisdom from our guest and draw it out… on a whiteboard!


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