The Making of SMILE & CO. Episode EIGHTEEN

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Whatsup guys!…Shout out to everyone reading the show notes! If this is your first time reading them… then…Welcome to the eighteenth episode of The Making of SMILE & CO.! This is episode we have an amazing guest… Joe Chickerillo from LocalMed, we also answer questions from our friends in our Facebook Group: The Making of a Dental StartUp. Tune in and listen and let us know if you are reading the show notes for extra brownie points (:




This week we wanted to share with you…. our wonderful SPONSORS: LocalMed

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Seriously…. why would you go with anyone else? WHY?!?! 

Local Med is the only real-time, online scheduling platform that closes the loop on the patient acquisition process. Patient appointments show up in your schedule at the right time, in the right chair, for the right provider, for the right length of time, 24/7. Some would call that magic, we call it LocalMed Connect. AND … No long-term contracts! LocalMed is a month-to-month service.

Click on the link or the image of Local Med below to get a free DEMO today and 10% off (or more) your set-up fee! (actually you can click on any link in this “SHARE” section and it will do that for you (;




3 Main Ideas


  1. Why online-scheduling is not only the future but will help out your new patient flow.


  1. The cost of Ashley’s whole dental practice and the cost of the whole process.


  1. Joe hates the Wrigley Stadium, Ashley needs more sleep, Michael can’t hold his liquor.





I’ll just leave this right here… (click the image below to get Local Med in your office!!!!!)




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