Monday Morning Marketing – ten – 10/30/17

October 30, 2017 MMM No comments exist

Guess whose back…. back again… just kidding but yeah the Monday Morning Marketing episodes are back! Actually you’ll see (or hear) why I they have been missing for a while and I apologize. I ws so anxious to speak to you beautiful people that as I was driving I said to myself “I can’t wait until I get home to record!” So I didn’t… I recorded on my phone in the car as I was driving… so sorry for the background noise. It’s actually not that bad.


Anyways in this episode we talk about Instagram Marketing! I tell you what I am doing wrong, what others I see are doing wrong, and who I believe is killing their Instagram… and yes the people I believe who are killing it are dentists. Actually I speak about one dentist who I interviewed on this podcast… her name is Dr. Yazdan and here is her episode: 

#32: What Kind Of Proven Posts Do New Patients Want To See? With Dr. Desiree Yazdan

 Also, please use that voicemail button on the right of this page. (if you don’t see it then just go to the home page and then you will see it on the right). I want to hear every single one of your wonderful voices and the questions you want to ask! So ask me through voicemail (:

p.s. I know what you are thinking… “OH SNAP! Michael put out 2 episodes on Monday… is it Christmas?!?!?” Nope, I just love talking to y’all that much (; … plus it makes sense to put out a Monday Morning Marketing episode… some time on Monday (morning time would be best). 


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