The Making of SMILE & CO. Episode THIRTEEN

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Welcome to the thirteenth episode of The Making of SMILE & CO.! Listen to Dr. Ashley Joves’ story as she talks about how much fun she’s had this week with her marketing crew. This week’s episode is informative and perfect for anyone thinking about starting their own dental practice. Tune in and listen carefully, because you won’t want to miss this week’s episode!


Time-Stamped Show Notes

00:30 Intro

1:57 Ashley had a lot of fun this week, and Studio 8e8 has been awesome.

7:00 Why she had to scramble to do the letters for her feature wall.

9:41 Why Ashley only saw 6-7 patients this week.

10:40 The grand opening is this Friday, and Dr. Anissa Holms is flying in to meet her for the first time.

11:36 What Ashley’s planning to do for her grand opening.

13:18 How much should a dentist spend on a grand opening celebration?

15:37 Ashley wants everything to be perfect for the big event.

16:02 Ashley’s front desk person is amazing and knows her stuff.

16:52 Ashley gives a shout-out to her team and says they’re the best team ever.

17:20 Studio 88 was Ashley’s favorite resource this week. What makes them so different?

20:56 She admits that she still feels camera-shy.

22:45 What she wishes she knew this week.

23:16 Help a dentist with insomnia. What should she do to stop her mind from racing when she’s trying to sleep?

23:54 Michael suggests natural remedies like calcium and magnesium, valerian root, and Sleepy Time tea.

27:30 Why the thought of the grand opening makes her sad.

28:34 Ashley reveals that she received a letter from a prison inmate.

32:40 How she deals with guys and potential stalkers who are now contacting her because of all the social media attention.

34:32 Closing.



3 Main Ideas


1. Be Unique with Your Website

Ashley loves Studio 88 marketing company because they’re making her a fantastic website that stands out from the crowd. They have a unique vibe and great energy, Ashley says.

She notes that most dentist websites look the same and that it’s boring.  When she found Studio 88, they were down to earth and fun to work with. Plus, they understand her vision and what her practice is all about.

Be sure to make your online presence look different from the rest. A traditional dentistry website will probably look great, but will it catch your audience’s eye, and is it memorable?



2. Have Fun and Learn to Refuel

Ashley sounds relaxed this week and says she’s in a better space now. She says she is realizing the things she can control and letting go of the things that she can’t. But mostly, she is having fun and taking it all in.

She says she got good advice from Studio 88 while conversing over dinner. They said that learning how to refuel was crucial in business. For her, refueling means shutting down for the evening to spend time with her family.

It’s a good idea to refuel each day so that you’ll be motivated to work the following morning. If you don’t refuel, it’s possible that you’ll be unproductive the following day, and you could even crash if you never replenish. Aim to refuel each evening with something or someone you love.



3. Love who you work with

Ashley advises to love who you work with because it makes your life much easier. Ashley spent weeks searching for the right candidates for her team. She wanted people with the right attitude and was careful to avoid people with overly dominant personalities.

Her time and effort paid off, and she loves the people she works with.

It’s good to have people that you enjoy being around because you might be spending the next twenty years with them. Have people that you can trust and that blend with your personality and brand.




Studio 8e8Ashley’s website design and marketing crew.



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Insomnia. What should she do to stop her mind from racing when she’s trying to sleep? Contact her through Facebook or Instagram or email her at if you have any suggestions.

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