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Welcome to the tenth episode of The Making of SMILE & CO.! Listen to Dr. Ashley Joves’ husband this week as he discusses his perspective on her new venture. Brian Joves gives valuable insight about business, entrepreneurship, and being a supportive spouse. This episode is packed with interesting information and perfect for anyone thinking about starting their own dental practice. Tune in and listen carefully, because you won’t want to miss this week’s episode!



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Time-Stamped Show Notes

0:00 Brian Joves, Ashley’s husband introduces himself and tells us his place in her dental practice.

2:17 Why does Brian believe in his wife and why did he decide to support her?

4:00 How Ashley decided to make the switch from paycheck earner to owning her own practice.

4:53 How they decided to take her dream of having a practice to the public with a Facebook Live video.

7:20 Michael discusses how we can all relate to the pain point of working for the wrong person.

8:10 Why taking a hands-off role and letting Ashley do her own thing has been difficult for Brian.

10:40 Understanding when to communicate is essential to getting your message heard.

11:20 How Ashley is amazing at putting together her vision, and why doing the day-to-day grind is difficult for her.

13:31 Brian announces that the office is officially open, and they’ve been seeing patients for the past week.

15:07 Final touch-ups were being done to the building during the first week they were open, so the last couple weeks were exciting and hectic.

16:27 Ashley had 53 patients scheduled and reached her goal of 1000 Facebook followers before the opening.

18:39 What Brian thinks about Ashley’s sleek and modern dental chairs and the overall décor of the office.

20:28 What Brian thought about the construction delay.

22:04 Why Brian loves to watch Ashley grow as a person.

23:48 What Brian recommends to anyone who wants to start a practice.

26:07 Brian tells us what the main lessons of starting a dental practice are.

27:10 Anissa Holmes and the amazing group she works with, have been the best resource for Ashley.

28:00 For Brian, Gary Vaynerchuk has been the best resource.

28:53 Ashley had to sacrifice a lot to put her dreams into fruition.

29:35 Brian discusses who was most concerned about finances.

31:27 How they decided to budget for hiring employees.

32:15 Why Amazon has been successful.

32:55 Brian talks about what’s next after this episode.

33:10 Closing.



3 Main Ideas


1. Letting the Spouse Run Their Own Business


Brian confesses that one of the hardest things for him to do is to back away and let Ashley do her own thing with her business. It’s not often that two entrepreneurs get together in a marriage, but when it happens, each partner may find it difficult to zip their mouth about their ideas.

Sometimes it’s better to let your partner make decisions for his or her business, and only state your view when it’s requested. Aim to limit voicing your opinions on the other’s business and try to limit discussing details that pop into your head, even though it’s tempting.



2. Why Both Details and Vision are Necessary for Entrepreneurs


There are two ways to describe a person’s work personality: They are either the visionary person that can come up with ideas, or they are the disciplined worker that gets tasks done.

Often, entrepreneurs are the visionary ones. However, they will likely stay dreamers, unless they put their ideas into action. So, the beginning stages of business usually require that the entrepreneur have both qualities.

If you have dreams and you execute them well, it’s only a matter of time before you can hire someone to carry out day-to-day tasks.



3. Have Passion in Business


Like Brian says, it’s important to have passion because when you’re tired of dealing with all the problems, you’ll need strength to keep going.

If you don’t have solid reasoning for why you’re doing your business and why you must pull through, you may throw in the towel when things get rough.

Brian suggests that it’s much easier to deal with all the small details and frustrations that are bound to happen if you have a firm understanding of why you’re doing everything you’re doing.

Know beforehand whether your business is what you want, and make sure you put your personality into your brand so that you can stay interested and focused for years to come.



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