#76: Talking with the founder of GOBY, Improving Patient Experience, & Your Target Customer with Benjamin Goldberg

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We are at episode 76 of The Dental Marketer Podcast. In this episode I talk with the amazing Ben Goldberg from GOBY. GOBY is an amazing product, if you are familiar with the products like Ipsy, FIVE FOUR, and Dollar Shave Club, then you will be familiar and LOVE the product GOBY, especially if you are using an electric toothbrush (which lets face it…. almost everyone is using it now). We talk about how he had the idea to create GOBY and what caused him to create it, what was the pain point that he experience to say “hey, I’m tired of this… something or someone should create this… and that’s going to me!”


We also dive into Ben’s entrepreneurial journey and how it applies to you (especially if you are dental practice owner). One thing I loved that he pointed out is that he makes sure the Patient Experience is first and superb! That’s where great marketing comes in. Think about it, if your patients don’t even feel like they are having an experience in your dental practice then you are either doing NO marketing or your marketing is just that bad. You have to have an experience and it has to be unique and remarkable in order for the patient to be a fan.


Goby was founded by two friends who were frustrated by today’s oral care offerings. Like many people, Ben’s visits to the dentist were far from enjoyable, and he begrudgingly bought an overpriced electric toothbrush, searching for an upgrade.

Improvements were made, but new pain came with the egregious brush head replacement costs. Claire (known as Cavity Claire by her family as a kid) was also keen on improving her routine, but always felt priced out.


Benjamin Goldberg’s Links:

GOBY Website




INSTAGRAM (you can talk to me more 1 on 1 here)






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