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August 15, 2017 MMM No comments exist


Hey Dental Marketer Tribe! I hope everyone is off to a great week, as you can tell from this episode I am still recovering from being super sick for almost a whole week! I don’t remember the last time I was this sick for this long! Anywho, in this episode we discuss a tactic that I personally love to use and it is always my back-up or go to strategy when I need an influx of new patients fast! That is …. DAY CARE!


This is a great “Back 2 School” type of marketing strategy because you are not even targeting the schools, you are targeting the children and their families after they are out of school. Day cares are a great way to set up something.In this episode I discuss how we can set up something where you can not only just talk to the children but also possibly perform an physical exam and talk to the parents. Listen to the example/ case study I talk about and how you can do it as well. This is a great strategy that I would LOVE to see everyone apply!


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