The Making of SMILE & CO. Episode EIGHT

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Welcome to the eighth episode of The Making of SMILE & CO.! Listen to Dr. Ashley Joves’ story as she discusses the headaches of having so many things left on her plate with the grand opening approaching. This episode is packed with interesting information and perfect for anyone thinking about starting their own dental practice. Tune in and listen carefully, because you won’t want to miss this week’s episode!


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Time-Stamped Show Notes

0:00 Information about Stream Dental Staffing Solutions.

1:52 Ashley talks about how Samantha and Tatiana from Stream Dental Staffing Solutions are helping her sort resumes, choose suitable candidates, and come up with valuable human resource documents.

2:54 Intro

4:15 Ashley talks about all the things that she has left to do with internet phones, Open Dental, Yapi, and Local Med online appointment booking.

5:15 Why use Open Dental as practice management software?

12:03 Why Ashley believes Yapi will work well for the onboarding process.

16:31 Ashley talks about hiring her first and second employees, and how they’re a great fit.

19:25 Ashley doesn’t want an office manager because she intends to learn the ropes first.

23:30 Why she doesn’t regret buying anything, even though she’s way over budget.

25:45 Hiring is a huge part of opening a dental practice.

26:47 There’s a whole module based on recruitment in Delivering Wow with Dr. Anissa Holmes.

28:35 What kind of team players do you need in a practice?

25:15 How to screen applicants.

36:15 How her new employees balance her personality and why she doesn’t want a dominant figure in her office.

38:38 Ashley will open the phone lines next week to begin pre-booking appointments.

39:12 She suggests Michael move to Folsom to help her with ground marketing.

40:08 How the interior design costs are too expensive.

42:25 She discusses all the construction and landscaping that still needs to be done.

49:08 Why she’s terrible at hurting people’s feelings.

52:53 The biggest headache has been how many things she has left on her plate while being sick.

56:14 Main lesson: “No matter how prepared you think you are, you’re never going to be as prepared.” –Ashley Joves

57:16 How delegating things to her husband has worked well in her efforts to avoid being overwhelmed.

58:44 Connect with Ashley on Facebook or Instagram, especially if you’re doing a startup so you can mastermind together and help each other out.


3 Main Ideas


1. Does Online Appointment Booking Work?


Everyone loves online booking, but does it hurt business? Both Ashley and Michael discuss the drawbacks of not having personal contact with clients. She also brings up that an easy-to-get appointment could also mean that it is easy to cancel.

It’s a standard issue now that we’re in the age of the internet. Taking away human interaction could mean loss of sales, so it’s a delicate balance that all businesses need to master.

What are your experiences with online appointment booking? Does it work?


2. Hiring is a Huge Step in Opening a Dental Practice


Ashley says that a resume doesn’t tell you much about a person, and she’s right. When you’re hiring someone, you should remember that you could be working side by side with this person for many years to come.

Personality is important when choosing a candidate because you want someone you get along with, and you want the right personality type for the role they’re going to fill.

You should look at having a well-balanced team. Like Ashley says, “You don’t want all dominant players because now they’re all very direct, they all are ‘lions’ in the practice, so they need things done their way or the high way.”


3. Stop Sugar-Coating Messages


Ashley noticed that she still has a problem with being too nice and trying to avoid hurting people’s feelings. She said that when a candidate believed she had gotten the position and texted her, she didn’t know how to respond.

It was her interior designer, Tammy Teal, that told her to answer directly and say the position’s been filled. She says that messages don’t need to be sugar-coated in business.

It’s true. When we try to be too nice, people sometimes misunderstand what we mean and can’t move on. Taking a more direct approach to the way you speak will make you a better communicator and will help to eliminate confusion.


Resources of The Week


  • Stream Dental Staffing Solutions has been a tremendous help and have made Ashley’s life much easier. They are helping with hiring great candidates and providing all human resource documents. Use special discount code TDM25 to get 25% off their store!


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