The Making of SMILE & CO. Episode SEVEN

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Welcome to the seventh episode of The Making of SMILE & CO.! Listen to Dr. Ashley Joves’ story as she discusses the problems of having a construction delay and how it has affected her business. This episode is packed with interesting information and perfect for anyone thinking about starting their own dental practice. Tune in and listen carefully, because you won’t want to miss this week’s episode!


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Time-Stamped Show Notes

0:00 Information about Stream Dental Staffing Solutions

2:00 Intro

3:07 Ashley just came back from dental training in the Dominican Republic. Implant Seminars was a great experience.

10:24 The biggest highlight was going to Pelican Beach and the graduation ceremony. She recommends the program to everyone. It is a stress reliever and an experience of a lifetime.

13:00 The Implant Seminars course makes you feel more confident by working on actual patients, and seeing the smiles on the faces of people were amazing.

13:30 Ashley hears the unfortunate news that her timeline for the opening is three weeks behind schedule. She had an August 16 deadline, and now she’ll have to postpone it.

14:45 The construction crew is not working, and Ashley and her husband are livid.

16:25 Not having the building complete means she can’t train people and still has the overhead cost.

18:00 How to plan for the delay and openings.

19:20 Lisa Weber from Unlock the PPO does amazing insurance negotiations.

20:50 Why Ashley doesn’t have much choice in accepting Delta insurance.

21:22 She hopes she can eliminate insurance dependency as word-of-mouth referrals begin to take off.

21:30 Why she loves Stream Dental. They do all of the hard work in finding the right candidates for her team.

22:40 Interviewing people makes her feel like a boss.

22:54 Getting a vibe with interview candidates.

23:35 What she did and didn’t like about her interviewees.

26:25 Michael calls Joshua Scott of Studio 8E8, a digital marketer who is helping Ashley with her practice.

26:56 How to build a brand by starting with the why.

28:20 Why building a brand works.

28:24 One mistake dentists should stop making.

30:24 Joshua has a helpful Brand Creator program that helps dentists bring out the values of the practice. Reach him at Studio 8E8 or @joshuascott on Instagram.

33:20 News about the walls and drywaller.

34:50 Resource of the week is Stream Dental Staffing Solutions. Ashley says she can’t imagine having to do all the human resources activities on top of everything else, so they’ve been a huge help.

35:56 Why Ashley believes she needs to speak up more.

40:36 Ashley says she wishes the delay was communicated to her earlier.

41:53 The biggest headache was the construction delay.

41:55 Glenda from Upper Cloud Media is helping to organize openings and had warned her weeks ago about possible delays with the openings.

42:30 Ashley talks about final construction and her digital marketing plan for next week. She’ll be meeting with Sue Silvia and Brian Porter of Patterson Dental to finalize equipment and supplies. Plus, she’ll conduct more interviews.

44:36 Closing.



3 Main Ideas


1. Hiring Employees that Make You Feel Good


The interview is the one shot you have at hiring someone who will fit well within your brand. It’s important to find people who are not just qualified, but team players who you think will be a good fit and who you can get along with.

Hire employees that give you a good vibe. You want to find people who are confident, but who will mold into your brand.



2. Building a Brand Beats Direct Response Marketing


Joshua Scott of Studio 8E8 had an interesting message about building a brand. He says that it is never a waste of time and that you’ll get a return on investment over the next twenty years if you do it right.

He compared building a brand versus direct response marketing and said that it’s easy to throw money at Google and Facebook and get good numbers.

However, building a brand is something that can set you up for a lifetime because you’re investing in ownership equity.

People will buy the why when they have your story in their mind. Focus on numbers and getting excellent results from your marketing dollars, but don’t underestimate the value of building the brand that people will never forget. A memorable brand will be hard for your competitors to compete against.



3. Speak Up When You See Something Wrong


When Ashley’s husband commented that no one is ever working on her building space, she said nothing and let it go. But when the contractors got back to her to say that they weren’t going to meet the deadline, she realized that she should have said something.

She admitted that she should have voiced how frustrated she was, instead of letting it go. After all, she’s paying for it and has to pay the building overhead too.

It’s important to express your wants and needs during the construction phase of your practice, and be a boss, even at this early stage. Part of your future business will be to manage people, so you might as well get experience with the construction crew.


Resources of The Week


  • Stream Dental Staffing Solutions has been a tremendous help and have made Ashley’s life much easier. They are helping with hiring great candidates and providing all human resource documents. Use special discount code TDM25 to get 25% off their store!



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