M.M.M.-THREE- Fitness Centers (Gyms)

July 17, 2017 MMM No comments exist


Heyo everyone! Good morning (or afternoon… depending when your listening to this)! I hope your weekend was fantastic. We are at episode 3 of the Monday Morning Marketing series. This one is focused on the dentist who is trying to attract more cosmetic cases. Where do you think you will find a huge pool of new potential patients who are concerned about their physical appearance? You guessed (probably because you read the title…. sneaky) the gym!


This Monday Morning Marketing episode is all about how to attract new patients in your local fitness centers or gyms. Now…. you may be thinking…. “oh no, how am I going to even set up at a gym”?! No worries! I got you covered. In this episode I teach you exactly what to say to the person in charge of your local gym so that they can allow you to set up a booth INSIDE their fitness facility and start attracting new patients. So listen to this episode more than once and create your script and let’s walk into at least ONE gym this week and set up something with the gym!





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