The Making of SMILE & CO. Episode SIX

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Welcome to the sixth episode of The Making of SMILE & CO.! Listen to Dr. Ashley Joves’ story as she discusses the power of networking within her community and the effect it has had on her business launch. This episode is packed with interesting information and perfect for anyone thinking about starting their own dental practice. Tune in and listen carefully, because you won’t want to miss this week’s episode!


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Time-Stamped Show Notes

2:55 Intro

3:40 Ashley tells us how the Intel company picnic turned out, and why all the weeks of preparation were worth it.

9:00 Networking in 100-degree weather for many hours is exhausting.

9:41 Ashley scored 50 emails from the event, which far exceeded her expectations.

12: 42 How many customers could Ashley get if she did more events like the Intel company picnic?

12:49 Why connecting with other people solidified her business strategy and marketing efforts.

13:18 Ashley will open Smile and Co. in less than two months.

13:31 Michael mentions that he provides consulting on how to do ground marketing. Click here for details.

13:53 Taryn Grows, from the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, helped introduce her to several small business owners and community members.

16:04 How to network in your community to grow your dental practice.

16:40 The Top Golf booth was lots of fun and an exciting prospect to network with.

19:35 Howard Farran interviewed Ashley on his Dentistry Uncensored podcast, and it was a big success because Howard believes in her vision.

22:05 Samantha Leonard of Stream Dental is helping Ashley hire top talent and create a strategy for human resources. Michael interviews her to hear details of how she helps dentists grow their businesses.

25:49 Samantha finds candidates with drive and motivation.

27:15 Why most dentists fall short when it comes to team management.

29:00 Why Ashley thinks working with Samantha is like a match made in heaven.

30:00 Ashley is going to the Dominican Republic to learn how to place dental implants.

30:30 With Anissa’s help, Ashley’s Facebook Live Video went viral.

36:31 How to make a warm audience hot.

36:55 Details about her giveaway event and VIP list.

37:50 Why having a targeted audience works and how Facebook rewards you for engagement.

40:43 Ashley suggests joining The Dental Marketing and Profits and Delivering Wow Hangout.

40:15 Fear and dentistry.

41:45 Ashley talks about the nervousness of doing Facebook Live for the first time.

43:50 Gary Vaynerchuk says to put all your eggs in the Facebook basket.

44:50 Ashley discusses what’s on the schedule for next week.

45:45 Tami Teel, the interior designer, will order all the things that will go into the dental space. Ashley is excited to see it finished.

46:30 Resource of the Week: Folsom Chamber of Commerce. Everybody she’s met is amazing and welcoming, and they want to see everyone’s businesses thrive.

47:30 Kingdom Coffee Roasters. Ashley enjoyed networking with them and showing them love on Instagram.

48:39 Ashley is doing ground marketing by partnering with wineries and breweries and giving away her leftover freebie swag bags and shirts.

50:31 Her broken phone is the biggest headache because she can’t respond to messages.

51:07 Help-a-Dentist. Did you sign up for every PPO offered to you? Reimbursement rates are low, so where do you draw the line? Do you take anything you can get?

51:10 Main Lesson: Ground marketing works.

53:11 Ashley is leaving the country on Tuesday to learn dental implants and will interview and hire people when she gets back.

53:53 Closing



3 Main Ideas


1. Ground Marketing Works


Ashley made a lot of progress through networking this week. She said that all the work and preparation she put toward the Intel company picnic was worth it because she got to meet so many amazing people.

She encourages dentists to try ground marketing before trying methods like postcard mailers that could end up in the trash.

She advises, “Marketing in any way shape or form works if you do it correctly, guys. Don’t be afraid to put a little elbow grease into it. Mingle, make some friends, get out there. Ask people how you can help their businesses thrive so that they can eventually help you. Don’t just give out free toothbrushes and call it a day. Actually get to know people. Know what they want in a dental experience and why they haven’t been to the dentist in X amount of years.”



2. Connect with your Chamber of Commerce


Ashley secured a lot of connections by going to her local Chamber of Commerce. She said that the business services manager there made sure to connect her with other small businesses and members of the community.

It’s important to get out there and meet people. Like Ashley says, “Fear is surrounded by what we do. People don’t like going to the dentist, normally. So, if they can put a face and personality to your name, and they like your brand, and they’re not just choosing a provider on their insurance list… it’s that much more impactful.”


3. You Need Facebook


Ashley’s first time on Facebook Live was three months ago, and it opened a lot of doors for her. Now she has a big following, and she hasn’t even opened the practice yet!

Last week she did a live video for her dental package giveaway and got a fantastic response from her community. Her video reached over 18,000 people, and she had over 1,000 people click her link to go to her giveaway page.

Ashley’s last Facebook Live video went viral all because she put herself out there and made herself vulnerable. She says it was scary and people probably judged her, but who cares?

Businesses should worry about invisibility more than they should be afraid of embarrassment. It’s more important to get your name noticed, and brand recognized. “All of this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone,” Ashley commented.





Ashley has a question about PPO’s. Did you sign up for every PPO offered to you? She says that some of the reimbursement rates are low and wants to know where to draw the line. Do you take anything you can get?

Message her on Facebook or Instagram to discuss!


Resources of The Week




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