Why Ground Marketing is Ultra-Effective for Your Dental Practice.

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If you’re a new dentist or you’ve been practicing dentistry for a while, you’re probably constantly thinking about smart ways to get clients in the door. You have a solid website, and you’re researching ways to market online, or maybe you’re doing pay-per-click ads.


Digital marketing, like social media and internet advertising, are no-brainers for most businesses, but have you considered face-to-face marketing?


Ground marketing is a way to build relationships in the community where your dental practice is located. This kind of marketing is a must if you’re a local business and you want to increase your customer base. Here’s why:



Ground Marketing Attracts Customers During Offline Times


Let’s face it: People are not online 24/7. They go to work, they go shopping, they go to school, and do other activities in their community. Why not be where they are?


You could participate in events, or even host them yourself. You could talk to kids and parents at schools, or be present at an employee health fair.


This is a great time to set up a table and offer them a free toothbrush kit, or to get to know more about them. It’s an easy way to build rapport with community members and not be invisible.

Person-to-Person Contact Creates Trust


People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Getting out into the community speeds up that process. They get to see you and your employees as friendly, honest people, and not only as an online, digital ad.


When customers see you participating and connecting with them, they will begin to think of you as the authority dentist, or the go-to person when they need dental service. Essentially, it shows people you’re real and that they can trust you with their oral health.



You Get Better Contact Information


Because you are talking face-to-face with people in the community, they’re much more likely to give you private information like their phone number, their insurance information, ongoing dental issues, and the list goes on. Try asking for that info online, and you could be met with silence.


It’s all about trust. People are much more likely to be open with you if you’re having face-to-face dialogue. Once you build that rapport, you’ll create loyalty within a customer. They may not even need services right away, but when they do, your name is on their radar.


Ground marketing is a highly effective

way for dentists to get more clients and increase profit. It doesn’t mean you need to replace your digital marketing efforts with ground marketing. It means you should do both. All brick and mortar businesses should have both online and local presence in the community.


Have you thought about ground marketing for your dental business? The Dental Marketer offers coaching to dentists interested in knowing how to increase revenue by getting out into the community to bring traffic through the front door. Click here to learn more or contact The Dental Marketer at michael@thedentalmarketer.site

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