The Making of SMILE & CO. – Episode 2

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Inevitably, life is filled to the brim with victorious highs and disappointing lows. Whether we lack the will to throw aside our covers in the morning or feel tempted to skip a daily gym session, each of us must summon the motivation and courage to press forward. Of course, this challenge is particularly difficult for those who want to build success from scratch. Join in as Michael speaks with Dr. Ashley Joves about her in-the-works dental practice, SMILE & CO. From worrisome health complications to inspiring community efforts, Ashley’s revolutionary journey is sure to inspire the entrepreneur and warrior in all of us.


Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • [2:50] — Michael emphasizes the challenges that come with starting something from scratch and recaps events from episode 1.
  • [03:51] — Ashley tells us about her meeting with Taryn Grows from the Folsom Chamber of Commerce in a local coffee shop. Taryn has helped her connect with the Folsom community and network with other small business-owners.
  • [6:40] — When asked how she views Chambers of Commerce, Ashley responds with, “As a startup, I think it’s a little too early to close doors on potential clients.”
  • [9:16] — The trenching and framing of SMILE & CO. has been completed! Now Ashley and her team are deciding where to place electrical outlets and other amenities. Her walls will be built from frosted glass for an open feel without sacrificing privacy.
  • [11:25] — In order to preserve a beautiful open buttress and high ceilings, Ashley will most likely use scrim to reinforce her building and hold insulation in place. Her contractor recommends the sturdy material for a wide range of projects.
  • [12:45] — Ashley receives an impromptu call from her contractor, Dave. Listen in on their conversation!
  • [14:03] — Michael reminds us about the members of Ashley’s team.
  • [17:03] — More about Ashley’s awesome team…
  • [24:45] — Ashley and her team were blown away by the look of the exposed ceiling. Unfortunately, hiding wires and piping when the walls are built with glass is both challenging and massively expensive.
  • [26:54] — Unbeknownst to her, Ashley’s team removed one of the glass walls and replaced it with a regular wall. Although they have yet to complete the incorrect well, Ashley is upset about the change.
  • [30:00] — Ashley hopes to install cabinets from IKEA instead of a custom company. That way, she can both save money and enjoy a modern design.
  • [30:42] — A truss system is an “arrangement of wooden or steel support beams configured in a triangle-shape.” The design is strong, simple, inexpensive, and easy to construct.
  • [32:00] — If Ashley had known how awesome and cool-looking truss systems are, in addition to the industrial theme she later decided to focus on, she wouldn’t have installed recessive/can lights.
  • [34:02] — “I have been struggling health-wise,” Ashley admits. Her journey has been exhausting and has taken a major tole on her mental and physical health. Her “health nut” brother has convinced her to take a few steps away from her project and focus more carefully on her health.
  • [36:32] — According to com, personal health is the fifth-most important factor in building a successful practice. “Your business can’t run without you,” Michael insists.
  • [37:19] — When pursuing a goal or starting a business, make sure to set aside time for friends and family. Maintaining healthy relationships outside of work will help you nurture a healthy perspective and keep you energized.
  • [37:35]“I cared too much everyone else’s opinions,” Ashley says. In the end, she decided instead to form decisions based on her happiness and the success of her practice.
  • [38:35]#AdviceAlert: “Prioritize,” Ashley says. “If you have a lot of stuff you have to do, you really have to organize and write them down, and check things off as you go along.”
  • [39:40] — Ashley used to follow a morning ritual before diving into work, but now she skips that routine and checks her phone and media feeds constantly.
  • [40:30]#Help-A-Dentist: If you have any application recommendations or general tips to increase positivity, let Ashley know!


3 Main Ideas

  1. Never be afraid to reach out to your community. One of the main focuses of SMILE & CO. is community outreach and supporting local business. Check out your local chamber of commerce and discover new opportunities in your area. Ashley is gaining a wider audience, connecting with local businesses, and receiving services that she would have never found if she never reached out.
  2. Sometimes our workloads can overwhelm us and cause us to deviate from health and personal discipline. Ashley, for example, has given up her morning routine in exchange for checking her emails and messages. No matter how busy you are, make some time for yourself. After all, your practice cannot succeed without you in the correct state of mind and physical wellbeing. Also, utilize apps and strategies that will help you stay productive and motivated—anything to keep you inspired and conscious of your health.
  3. Balancing family and work can be a challenge. For Ashley, this has been the toughest and most emotional facet of building her dental practice. As a women, spending time away from her two boys has been especially rough, considering the stigmas that surround working mothers. Make sure you have a strong support system around you and never forget to follow your aspirations, no matter how tough they may seem.



Ashley used to begin her days with a morning ritual before diving into work. Unfortunately, the scope of her project has caused her to deviate from that routine and check her phone before peeling back the sheets. Do you know about any apps that can help with planning or organization? Is there a morning routine you swear by, or a strategy that helps with productivity? Message her on Facebook and let her know!


Resource Of The Week

Ashley recommends the podcast S TOWN, created by the producers of Serial and This American Life. In order to slow herself down from the stresses of her practice, Ashley wanted to listen to a podcast. S TOWN did a fantastic job putting her at ease!


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