#57: How private practices can beat corporate entities with Dr. Cary Ganz

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After years of practicing dentistry and prosthodontics, Dr. Cary Sanz realized there was far more to the dental industry than he realized. As a result, he entered the world of marketing and consultation with the mission to help dental companies reach their full potentials. Join Michael and Cary as they discuss modern technology, marketing strategies, and how to avoid watching your tools become dusty closet decorations. Also, learn more about Cary’s thoughts on the dental industry by clicking here!


Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • [01:30] — Michael Arias describes the importance of technology in improving patient experience
  • [02:31] — Michael introduces guest speaker Dr. Cary Ganz, prosthodontist and dental consultant
  • [02:42] — Cary took an internship in prosthodontics and has been a dentist for forty years
  • [03:22] — After realizing that he could offer more to the world of dentistry, Cary started consulting and lecturing while maintaining his practice
  • [04:04] — Cary ran several programs at different facilities, including Northwell Hospital in Long Island
  • [04:34] — Becoming one of the founders of DEXIS Digital Radiography was an important event for Cary
  • [05:15] — Cary consults for several dental companies to help them “understand what the dental mindset is”
  • [5:55] — Success in dentistry used to depend on performing the best, but now it’s influenced by marketing and technology
  • [7:55] — Corporate business is taking over dentistry because they have massive marketing power; technology has also impacted dental management and advertising
  • [10:08]“Technology is here to stay”; As time passes, practices will find that avoiding new technology will become increasingly impossible
  • [12:18] — One of the only ways to differentiate your practice is through how you treat your patients
  • [13:25] — “Taking time with your patients makes a difference,” Cary says. In this way, private practice wins over corporate entities
  • [14:55]Advice Alert: Positive referrals and providing the best possible care is crucial to your practice. When searching for a dentist, patients don’t care as much about fancy technology
  • [17:00] — Represent what you can do on the internet and social media; educate your patients in person
  • [20:40] — Cary finds that advertising doesn’t work in areas where you can “throw a stone and hit ten dentists”
  • [21:30] — Patients have to work around very difficult schedules, so accommodate them the best you can
  • [24:30] — Dentistry has changed from “single fillings” to longterm treatment plans, which means that dentists require constant, thorough education
  • [25:45] — Cary thinks that practices should judge the quality of their tools based on how they run their business. Make sure that new technology will be used and have specific purposes
  • [28:45]Cary’s favorite tip: “Be the absolute best you can be.” Never sacrifice your professionalism or training for any person or reason
  • [30:14] — Find Cary at The Dental Spa, 300 Garden City Plaza, Garden City, New York. He is always available for calls at (516)-741-1230, whether for advice or to ask about his practice. His website can be found here. Also, learn more about his headache management practice here.


3 Main Ideas

  1. The world of dentistry is expansive and constantly growing! Dr. Cary Ganz is living proof that you can practice dentistry while exploring alternative fields, from marketing to consultation. Considering how many dentists there are, specialization and trying new things can be important to your success.
  2. Keeping up with changing technology is vital to your practice. Your tools are the foundation of your business; patients expect optimal equipment, but will choose or leave your practice based on the experience itself. Differentiate your business by treating your patients well and with compassion!
  3. Education, education, education. With the scope and techniques of dentistry expanding every day, it’s essential to keep on top of your craft. Even online classes can be helpful. Overall, Cary strongly believes that dentists must be “better tomorrow than they were today.”
  4. Bonus Tip: Connect with Cary on LinkedIn by clicking here!


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