5 Most Persuasive Words in the English Language

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Marketing your business and appealing to your patients can be tough, especially from a psychological standpoint. Fortunately, words are free. The English language is filled with “power words” that, through research and the wisdom of professional speakers, have been shown to influence people more effectively than others.


These terms can instantly grab the attention of your clients because they excel at one important task—solving problems in such a way that feels easy, personal, and individualized for your audience.


Surprisingly, these words are extremely simple. In fact, we use them every single day. Don’t expect to triple your client base just by throwing these words into your emails and treatments. Power words will not be effective unless you use them properly, and with a particular goal in mind.


Little did you know that I used each of these words in the paragraphs above! I know, I know; that was sneaky, but now I will lead you through them. Let’s explore the five most persuasive words in the English language and how you can incorporate them into your everyday life.


1. You

As human beings, we enjoy being referred to. Research has shown that individuals will pay more for products and services if they feel personalized. Think about it; our names are instinctually tied to our self-perception, which can greatly influence our decisions.


It can be difficult to use individual names when marketing on the internet; however, using email lists that plug in the names of your clients can be extremely beneficial. Additionally, you can build trust with your patients by using their names while presenting treatment.

persuasive words



2. Free

Well, yeah—everybody likes free.


Several experiments have proven that individuals will choose items or services that are labeled as “free,” even when the respective values are equal. Psychologists pinpoint loss aversion as the cause for this phenomenon. In other words, humans hate missing out on things. Free products or services can be particularly upsetting to miss.



3. Because

People are more likely to trust individuals who give clear-cut reasons for their actions and desires. Fortunately, this phenomenon can be extremely useful in the medical field.


Why should people use your practice? What places your business above the competition? When marketing your practice and speaking with potential clients, justify yourself with the word “because.” Studies have shown that phrasing questions with this power word can lead to better outcomes than when the same question is phrased without it. Why? Because it works!



4. Instantly

When you understand where the magic of this word comes from, you’ll be able to achieve the same effect with words like “immediately,” “directly,” and even “fast.”


People like immediacy. If somebody has a problem, their brains will flood with pleasure when they hear about an instant solution. When marketing your business and discussing treatment options with your patients, sprinkle in this power word.


Warning: Do not make promises you can’t keep! You might find yourself with unhappy clients and damaging trust issues.



5. New

The concept behind this word may sound contradictory, but you can make drastic improvements to your marketing strategy after sorting it out.


Research has shown that people trust familiar brands. So, how can “new” and different offers win over your audience? The secret lies in maintaining the original authenticity of your business while advertising the “newness” of changing options and procedures. In other words, people like hearing about better solutions when they’re offered by trusted sources.




Congratulations! Now you can take advantage of your reformed vocabulary and make fantastic changes to your business. Be mindful about how you speak to clients, patients, and even your family and friends. Who knows—you might notice some improvements in your personal life as well




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