The one important question that can skyrocket your new patient flow.

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So, I’m sure you have a patient you love and I’m sure that patient loves you (as their dentist). As a dentist you want more of these types of patients so you tend to ask them “if you have any friends or family looking for a great dentist/ or needs any dental care be sure to refer them here!” and you send them off in hopes that they bring their whole family and friend to your dental practice as soon as possible!



However, what results have you seen from this? Sometimes we get some pretty good results, and then sometimes we get absolutely nothing from this. Side note: if you continue to get nothing from this, don’t worry, be consistent in each visit and continue to ask and market.



What else can you do?



Answer: Always ask your patients where they work.




Look at it this way. When you have a happy patient, a patient you like, and you even like their benefits their job provides, then ask them where they work!


Asking your existing patient where they work is a legitimate question but don’t just leave it at that; probe!


Let your existing patient know that you would like to figure out a way that you can set up some type of lunch and learn with the company they work with.


Let me give you a quick script on how to do this:

You: Hey “patient’s name” how’s work coming along?

Patient: Good/ Bad 

You: oh ok! Where is it you work at again? (of course conversate with them and lead it to this question, or they may already mention it when you conversate about “how work is coming along”)

Patient: Company Name

You: That’s right! You know I was wondering, do you think they would let us stop by and give your co-workers free hygiene kits/ free toothbrushes and maybe some exclusive services?

Patient: “Yeah!” or they may say “I’m not sure but you can contact this number or person”.

You: Awesome! Yeah I wanted to stop by this week and give everyone free goodies and see if we can set something exclusive up with your company.

Patient: Yeah! 


So, do you see what you have done here? You created a BRAND NEW opportunity! You opened a door to a whole new possibility of attracting new potential patients!


Now, you will have to go and visit the company and person who is in charge or call them and let them know how you would like to partner up with the company and not only provide them with free goodies, but also how you would like to provide them with exclusive services for the employees of the company and for their families as well.





The point of this article is to show you to squeeze as much juice as possible from your existing patients. There shouldn’t be a reason that you received nothing from an existing patient. Especially if the patient loves you and you love them!


If you’re the dentist, it’s a good idea for you to ask these questions. However, if you have a ground marketer on staff they will be the ones asking the questions and visiting your existing patient’s workplace. The ground marketer will be the one in charge of making sure that your existing patient’s company dental concerns and needs are taken care of by you and your whole dental team.


Normally, the staff or front office already know where your existing patient works (due to figuring out their dental insurance), so make sure the rest of the team knows. Make sure each of your existing patients that you love have been asked this question, and I can assure you, you will see many… PLENTY of doors and opportunities open up for you to attract new patients and increase the quality and loyalty of your existing patients and new patients.





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