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Is email marketing still relevant? Is it even worth your time anymore? Who is reading your emails that you send out to your current patients? These are all very common and great questions. A lot of the times we feel our efforts and time can be spent on something else where we can get a ROI a lot faster. But just how effective is email marketing? Well…. If done properly then it can be highly effective!




Let me throw some quick stats at you so you can wrap your head around how effective email marketing is and what you are and aren’t doing right, these stats were from Exit Bee Blog and

  • 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices.
  • 11% of email templates are optimized for mobile.
  • 69% of mobile users delete emails that are NOT optimized.
  • 64% of decision makers read their emails on mobiles.
  • 80% of people will simply delete an email if it doesn’t look good on mobile.


So do you see a trend here. Do you see what most of your patients are looking at their emails with? A MOBILE DEVICE. This is crucial to understand. Why? Well, when was the last time you updated your email templates or adjusted your email to be responsive to a mobile device? If you answered recently then great! If not then you NEED to update all of your newsletters, email reminders, templates, and more to be responsive onto a mobile device.

Another important thing to point out in the statistics above is that 64% of decision makers are reading your email through their mobile device. So why would you send out something that you know a decision maker will more than likely not open or not care about. Make sure the content is impeccable….every….single….time. Each email has to add value AND be responsive to mobile devices. Just think about it, would you read an email on your phone about your next eye exam or that you eye- check-up is due and the email doesn’t even look like it fits in your phone and the template looks mechanical and the exact same as last years?! Nope! There’s no value to that, no sense of urgency, no thought put into it. So make sure you add all that into your email along with it being optimized to mobile devices.


Another statistic for you:


Did you know that email marketing was the most effective for or channel used for customer loyalty and retention, surpassing and leading social network marketing by about 20% Source:

We get excited about all the social media platforms and social media marketing that at times we forget that our existing patients are right on the other side of us and they can boost our production and collections. They are already our customers. These existing patients can bring in more family, friends, colleagues, employees, and more! All it takes is constant communication through email and building that relationship.

Email marketing is far…. And I mean very far from dead! It is alive and living large! Email marketing is just evolving and if you feel like your email marketing is getting you know where… then honestly, you aren’t evolving with it. So make sure from this point on you do this:

  • Optimize all your email templates to be mobile friendly.
  • Make each template warm and personable. Let the reader/ decision maker know that you are personally writing to them and not some generic email template you send out this time of year to hundreds of your patients.
  • Create content. Put video into your emails, pictures of you and a picture of them the last time they visited your office. Add value to their day through your email.
  • Leave a pending email. Meaning make the email a conversation; don’t just remind them about their end of the year benefits. Leave them an email with value and a possible question or something to ponder on at the end of the email that will lead to a CTA (call to action).
  • See who has opened your emails. By now you should have a software that shows you the analytics of the emails you sent out. See who has opened up your emails and send them another email to follow-up with all the steps I mentioned above.


This may seem like a funnel to target your most loyal patients and…. that’s because it is! You also want separate email templates for the patients that did not open up your email. Maybe they felt no urgency or didn’t see your email the first time, so give it another shot with a different approach and email template.

Regardless, I want you to continue to do email marketing. It not only produces results but when done properly it brings in a lot more production, re-calls, pending treatment, referrals, and collections. So follow the steps above and start evolving with email marketing and I can assure you, you will start seeing the proven results I am talking about.






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