How To Market To Apartment Complexes In Your Community.

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Marketing at Apartment Complexes


Gone are the days where most apartments let you freely just put door hangers on the doors and people will instantly call or go door to door promoting your product.


If some apartment complexes still let you do this, then by all means take advantage of this opportunity and create door hangers and put them on each apartment door! You may not get amazing ROI but you will at least get a couple customers who will want work done, and this production that’s done on the new patient will pay for those door hangers.


However, you want to be able to speak to the community, not just leave cards, hangers, and flyers along with every other pizza delivery service flyer!


What you need to do is go to the front office and ask them politely and nicely:


Your marketer: Do you guys give your residents “new move-in” packets?

Apartment Manager: Yes, we do!

Your marketer: Awesome! Can I drop off some gift certificates/ flyers for the “new move-in” packets?

Apartment Manager: Of course!

Your marketer: *either have the flyers/ certificates in your hand already or go get them in your car*


Most apartment complexes give their new residents little gift packets with flyers, discounts, and freebies from certain places in the local community as a “Welcome to the community; we can’t wait to see you so hurry and come check us out”!


It’s smart to at least be in there even if they do not make an immediate call from your flyer that they received from the apartment’s “new move in” packet.


Remember marketing is repetitive and needs consistency, you will be the first dentistry they see if you decide to make this move first, and maybe the next day or next week they’ll bump into your marketer/ advertising at their job or near the local community stores and remember the flyer they received in their “new move in” packet and sign-up or they just may call immediately from the flyer.


Every marketing tool and technique is a piece of the puzzle to your marketing campaigns.


Partnering Up with Property Managers



Go above and beyond with impressing the apartment complex’s staff/ property managers and see if they have any events coming up.


You are already in and now you are going in weekly or monthly dropping off flyers/ gift certificates to the apartments for their “new move in” packets.


Keep building that relationship.


Email the marketing manager for the apartment complex or email the property manager weekly without fail asking them if they need anything from your dentistry (more flyers, gift certificates, etc.).



Next ask them, in person, if they have any resident pool parties, pet day, resident wine tasting, resident appreciation day, health fairs, or any small or big events coming up. Normally, every single apartment complex has something going on monthly, ALWAYS!



If by any chance they tell you “no, we don’t have anything going on” then give them the ideas I stated above and state how you can sponsor these events and provide free hygiene kits and amazing information to everyone who comes. Give the property managers the idea and tell them to encourage their current residents to invite their friends and families.



Their friends and families can receive tours of the property and free food from the apartment and free hygiene kits from you! Make sure the apartment complex and you partner up on some type of raffle where everyone can enter, and have everyone just fill out their name and number in order to win a specific prize. Then share that information between you and the apartment complex. You can personally call everyone who entered in the raffle and say “you won a free whitening” to everyone! This all depends on what you are willing to give away.



Now, if the property manager does tell you they have events happening during the week/ month then just ask if you can participate and give everyone free stuff and valuable information! 99.9999999% they will say “of course”!


Try these approaches and you will always stay busy and productive! Just imagine how many new patients are in your two apartment complexes next to you right now!



These are all new potential patients who, believe it or not, just because they are live near you, does not mean they have even heard or seen you!

So go to them and be visible. The residents in these apartments are either someone looking for a better deal, looking for a great dentist who accepts their insurance because they haven’t had the chance to look through their insurance provider, looking for a better dentist because the one they have now just isn’t cutting it, or they are brand new to your community.


So go track down how many apartments are in your community and now go and build these relationships and market your dental office

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